Friday, 2 March 2012

Finding Strength Within

Strength Within:
the ability to stand without the aid of any external physical attributes or social standing. In other words, you have the strength to be who you are when all your physical beauty, possessions, job, friends and your reputation are removed.

Strange how people have never considered this. Their physical beauty, their Iphones with their fancy photos and videos, cars, friends, connections and everything else outside their true personality are mere props to keep the actor a star on her stage. Remove these physical attributes, and many of them fall down as lifeless puppets.
Many more would fumble around to find another set of props to keep the act going but in the end each life is just a hollow shell, full of empty wine glasses; each sip had brought them higher but the cold grey morning brought them down and in a hangover.

So how does one find this inner strength? By sitting down and contemplating one's self quietly, without any distractions from the world about you. Focus on the world within you, find that quality which you know is within you, that you know is what you can depend on and won't fail you. One by one, you will find these qualities as you sit down quietly and contemplate your inner self. Don't rush - it's like chasing a girl; push too hard and she runs away. You may feel even more confused than before you started. Relax, enjoy the process. If you don't find anything that you feel is a strength, just enjoy the relaxation. Try again later.

Make sure your mobile, Blackberry and email alerts are off when you do this:
Once silent contemplation is broken, regaining its serene companionship is akin to mending a broken pot.

Good luck on finding your strength within!

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