Saturday, 17 March 2012

Driving into the Rain

Today I was driving to my evening class in Melawati along the DUKE highway. I normally drive slow, take my time.

A meaning of life came through to me:

Those who go through life slowly, step by step, learning and appreciating the lessons along the way live life to the fullest, and perhaps find Truth.

Those who insist on rushing, speeding through everything as if it were just another milestone, running toward that Goal we call the Ultimate - often are dismayed in the End.

Then there are those who are aimless - having found some meaning here and there, proclaim Truth to be their Companion but Delusion is the Veil that hides Suffering and Despair behind that Companion.

It is to our advantage to set the speed of each stage our life, that we may find Meaning that we seek.

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