Friday, 20 December 2013

Enlightening those who have accepted that there is no light

I have been rather occupied since my last post. Pursuing one's dreams is never easy; you must choose between what you truly want and what you want now.

I have an article where the author thoroughly, yet simply and with great humour rebukes and refutes one who seeks to mislead others.

The author's target has a character highly reminiscent of an individual who had spouted the same garbage to me a while ago: the same diet, is enamoured by conspiracy theories/ exotic teachings, is a feminist/male chauvinist and a belief that room and board can be extracted from society for little or no pay. The offense perpetrated by the target and individual in question is thus: Vaccines pose a danger to society, children in particular, therefore we should be responsible and not have our children vaccinated.

The author has a fitting reply for the haughty ignorance displayed by the said individuals. To our benefit, he is NOT merciful. It begins after the silly message (which does have spelling mistakes to add to our confusion) in the beginning:

 Angry scientist finds an uneducated internet comment and delivers an epic response... -   Misc